Scrubber 50 Specifications

Optional: WS-01 hydropower integrated workstation, CD-01 charging pile


860(L)* 700(W)* 1030(H)mm

Cleaning Efficiency

Up to 1656 ㎡/h

Rated Voltage

24 V

Battery Capacity

Li-ion 40 Ah/60 Ah

Average Endurance Time

2-6 h

Max Power


Rated Drive Motor Power

2 * 300 W

Rated Suction Motor Power

280 W

Rated Brush Disc Motor Power

2 * 150 W

Cleaning Width

500 mm

Brush Disc Speed

Up to 270 RPM

Max Vacuum

18.18 kPa

Wastewater / Clean Water Volume

18 L/24 L



Lidar ×1, depth camera ×3, dual-side depth camera (optional), top view camera (optional), bumper, anti-drop sensor, vacuum pressure sensor.

Climb Angle


Moving Speed

0-3.6 km/h

Operating Noise

<70 dB(A)